About FOTA

Festival of the Arts

FOTA (Festival of the Arts) has been a campus tradition since 1963. This student-run organization funds the artistic endeavors of University students, faculty and staff. For ten days every spring during the Festival, the campus becomes an art gallery and performance space, showcasing over fifty projects -- paintings, installations, films, plays, fashion design, music, dance and more. FOTA also offers year-round arts programming.

Funding for Art

Every year, FOTA funds projects proposed by members of the University community and displays them during a week-long festival in the spring. Projects vary across the visual and performance spectrum, including installations, paintings, drawings, and sculptures, as well as staged and impromptu performances of theater, music, and dance.


  • To enhance the life of the mind with the life of the arts.
  • To facilitate and promote the arts on campus by providing resources, support and publicity to artists and advocating on their behalf.
  • To give artists the opportunity to grow and develop by taking on ambitious projects.
  • To foster a vibrant arts community on campus by emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and mutual support between artists and student groups.